“This gentleman’s story deserves to be heard and heard and heard forever.”

This page contains just a sample of reactions from people who have heard Josef speak. Further down the page, you can also see some of the media coverage he caused. It’s no wonder that he touched so many people during his 10 years of public speaking about his story. Even in the short space of time from September 2008 until January 2009 (five months), he spoke at 61 different schools, to a total of 8730 school children. At this rate, his 15 years of speaking probably impacted over 200,000 school children.

Find here quotes and inspired messages from those who have heard Josef Perl speak.

It teaches you everyone should be treated fairly, so nothing like that can ever happen again.

After the talk my Mum said to me when I got home that she thought I seemed different. I think I am- I feel lucky and I feel inspired to do my best something I never knew I could feel. I owe Joe so much and I know I am not alone.

Joe is an inspiration and I know that sounds strange to some who may not have heard his story- I only wish there was an even better word I could use.

I am sure that the people who Joe lost during the Holocaust would be really proud of what he has done- I know that I am proud of him.

‘I came home from the talk that night and I burst out crying and read the Shema.’

‘I am proud to be Jewish. You have inspired me to think about our religion, especially about G-d.’

‘We have learnt how Hitler seized power, used his oratory skills …… However, this is all textbook material and your truth was extraordinarily special, meaningful and puts into perspective how barbaric, horrific ….. the words go on, and even they cannot describe the events you and others went through!’

‘One time, some of my friends made fun of someone who was a different race from them. Although I didn’t join in, I didn’t stop them either because I was afraid to. ……. If I heard anyone being racist now, I would stop them, because I now have the courage and because I can see where it can lead to.’